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We provide trusted surrogacy legal advice
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About us

Sydney Surrogacy Lawyers was founded by Nicole Aghabi.

Nicole describes the aim of the firm as “providing legal services to those undergoing surrogacy with compassion and understanding”.

Surrogacy Law is a niche area which should not be taken for granted: “These are people’s lives we are dealing with. Emotions run understandably high. This area of law is for those who understand that and are ready to be on this amazing journey with their clients.”

Nicole's Story

Nicole describes herself as a modest human being, always looking for ways to help others in need the best way she knows how.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science majoring in (Genetics & Molecular) Biology and Anatomy & Histology from the University of Sydney, Nicole first started her career at the New South Wales Crime lab, securing her place in the Sexual Assault Crime lab.

After seeing a change in direction, she took to IVF. A limited amount of time in the embryo lab, saw Nicole keen to switch her scientific career in the Andrology lab (andro meaning “male”) with a major IVF Institute in Australia.

Very quickly, she was placed in charge of male donor specimens for the company. In 2006, after reviewing the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, Nicole assisted with putting in place new policies and procedures to comply with the new Act to soon come into force: Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2007 (NSW). “Donors no longer could be “anonymous”. They now had to be “de-identified”, which means their name goes onto a registry so a child at 18 can find the identify of their biological father. Additionally, no more than 5 families could be created, including the donor’s own family or families. This is a great move, but so many samples were discarded.”

Going through legislation peaked Nicole’s interest, so much that she turned her hand to law. She commenced studying law part-time and online through the University of New England. Eventually, Nicole left IVF and commenced her career in law.

She took to debt recovery, insolvency, even public liability. But it wasn’t until Nicole practised in Property and Estates that she found an area of law that she was happy with. She still practices in these areas through her firm “Elocin Legal”. But still, something was missing.

She returned to her former IVF employer and became a committee member of the Human Research Ethics Committee. “Our role is primarily to approve and review research. But we also review Surrogacy applications to ensure ethical compliance”.

Very quickly, she was asked to become Chairperson of which she remains. But yet it wasn’t enough, and something was still missing. She desperately tried to find a way to combine her science and law, whilst finding a way to help people.

And born is Sydney Surrogacy Lawyers. “I finally found it. This is my science. This is my ethics. This is my law. This is my passion. And I can finally combine all this into one and give back to those who really need it. Not take them for granted. Embark on this journey with them. This is how I can sleep at night.”


Altruistic Surrogacy Agreement

Whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate or a surrogate’s partner, you are embarking on a journey that can be challenging, but may be very rewarding.



In NSW, undergoing surrogacy requires compliance with the Surrogacy Act 2010 (NSW). As part of being involved in a pre-conception surrogacy arrangement, you are required to enter into a written agreement before the commencement of Surrogacy. This agreement is known as an Altruistic Surrogacy Agreement.

If you are an intended parent, we can prepare this agreement for you. If you are a surrogate or surrogate’s partner, we can review the proposed agreement for you.

Your rights and responsibilities will be explained to you and your questions answered.

Once the agreement is signed by all parties, you will have access to the document for presentation at the Human Research Ethics Committee of the relevant IVF Institute. You will also be provided with a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice.

Parentage Orders

When a child is born of a pre-conception surrogacy arrangement, you may apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for a parentage order. The application is to be made between 30 days and 6 months after birth.


The purpose of the application is to transfer parentage (the legal parental rights) from the surrogate and the surrogate’s partner to the intended parent or parents.

There are a number of documents to present to the Court of which we can assist.

Our Journey with You

We took great comfort in Nicole’s vast expertise in the area of fertility. Her attention to detail, efficiency, and genuine nature made her a pleasure to have along for the ride on our surrogacy journey.

– Intended Parents

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